With a focus on family values, The Ed Stelmach Community Foundation provides assistance to the disadvantaged through small and highly motivated Alberta charities.

Key Objectives

  • Fostering a culture of charity, morality and equality for all Albertans.
  • To provide relief from poverty for those who are lacking the necessities of life for themselves or their families, and where necessary, creation of umbrella organizations for children.
  • To provide food, clothing, safe water, low-cost shelter and housing, low cost furniture, appliances, household and other essential amenities, interest-free loan or grants, childcare and personal counselling.
  • To support and advance education through formal training, including training in parenting and life management.
  • To advance the knowledge or abilities of the community, raise the artistic taste of the community and improve human knowledge through research.
  • To provide and promote medically necessary services for individuals suffering from illness, disease, disability, pain and suffering through prevention, maintenance, care and treatment.
  • To facilitate medical research, home care, long term care, respite and palliative care, prescription drug therapies, social rehabilitation and flexible and innovative approaches to the delivery of health care.